[Episode 11] Social media and digital activism are essential now to spread awareness about the climate crisis. We talked about the challenges with Umberto Bozzolini.

🌎 how do you use social media to express your ideas?

🌎 to which extent does social media support ‘climate activism’ and the topic (and subtopics) of climate change?

On this episode, we interviewed Umberto Bozzolini a social media communication expert to understand how social media can support expressing the various arguments on and about climate change. Filters, freedom of expression, and translation of online communication to offline action are a few of the topics we touched on in particular.

🌎 how do you best use social media to express your support for the environment? what topic do you prefer to share about? and to which extent does social media help you achieve offline action?

⚠️ Although the few technological complications and initial audio issues, we hope you will like this video!

Umberto Bozzolini

Umberto Bozzolini is a motivated communications specialist possessing over 10 years of expertise in traditional and innovative online platforms, effective content creation and audience engagement techniques.

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