What is it about the way we are communicating climate issues that makes it so difficult to implement the solutions available? 

Rethinking Climate is a youth-led nonprofit that tries to open conversations about complex and overlooked climate issues to make them more personal, accessible, and inclusive through research, interviews, and direct engagement and activities.

This is about HOW we talk about sustainability and its narrative.

For effective messages, we need
experienced communicators

It was Science Magazine that analyzed how being an effective communicator should not be taken for granted. It takes more than a course, seminars, or workshops to train anyone – yes, even scientists – to become effective communicators. This does not mean their message is wrong – just a note for climate deniers – but it means that not always does their message get through. Why?

complex and global

Speaking about sustainability and climate change is complex. The topic is complex. It presents a lot of data that looks also at a global perspective. Involving issues far from us, which can make us feel detached.


Climate change is a topic that impacts many areas of our lives. Also, some which we cannot control, others in which we can.


News on the TV, articles everywhere, advertisements, information online…it seems the whole world woke up just a few years ago suddenly deciding they cared about sustainability. While this is a positive step, it can make us feel overwhelmed.

What can we do?

ask questions

When the say goes that there aren’t any “stupid” questions, that is true! Maybe incorrect ones, but questions exist to help us learn. If we ask, we are curious. Ever asked a denier why they take so much time to tell the rest of the world that climate change does not exist?

With a similar philosophy, we carry out focused interviews with experts from various fields related to the climate crisis: politicians, (local, regional, international) scientists, journalists, climate activists, academics, and others.


We organize workshops, events, and collaborate with multiple communication platforms.

Our mission is to make the climate narrative more inclusive.


In collaboration with experts from different fields, we carry our research on the climate narrative and facilitating climate action.

You can join and support our mission!

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