Communicating Sustainability:

Improving and Analysing the Climate Narrative.

Rethinking Climate is a youth-led nonprofit that tries to open conversations about complex and overlooked climate issues to make them more personal and accessible through interviews, engagement, and research. It was born from a personal consideration that there is currently a gap in sustainability communication.

It is not only our narrative about sustainability but how this is carried out.

On our podcast, we interview professionals from diverse fields. We trust experts from a global network to bring different perspectives to our learning journey to show that there is a space for everyone in the climate movement.

Our mission is to use this project to provide objective considerations on this matter through research and various partnerships. Our next biggest step is to become an organization.

OUR OBJECTIVE: Reach Realization

How much do I know? How much do I comprehend? And how is my own thinking affect how I see, reflect, process information?

We apply this simple triangle to reach realization about how much we know on a topic, what can we do to improve, and what are the solutions at hand. It is complex and requires a rational approach towards comprehension.

Starting from the definition of any term, to our own knowledge of the topic related to the term, how our own origin (our culture and studies, etc.) can impact our understanding of the term, which then leads to our own honesty towards it on how much we truly know/understand/and grasp the topic, towards a final realization of the overall topic.



We like to ask questions and tell stories. We do so through a podcast.

Do you have a story to share on how climate change has impacted our life? Email us


We like to organize events, conferences, and other transfer of knowledge opportunities.


Since we believe in reliability and honestly, we rely on scientific papers for our sources and continue the research ourselves.