Communicating Sustainability:

Improving and Analysing the Climate Narrative.

Rethinking Climate is a youth-led non-profit that tries to open conversations about complex and overlooked climate issues to make them more personal and accessible through interviews, engagement, and research. It was born from a personal consideration that there is currently a gap in sustainability communication.

We are a passionate team who believes in a better narrative towards concrete solutions, and (eco)citizenship, for our planet.


Asia guerreschi
co-founder and president

Journalist and communication coordinator specialized in the third sector, Asia Guerreschi has a background in Media Studies and Physical Geography research with a focus on Climate Change. Currently a Ph.D. candidate on green cooperatives and circular economy, she believes that through research and communication, sustainability experts can help answer those complex questions about the climate crisis. This is so that we can expand this climate movement and do better for our present and future engagement with the general public, but also institutions and governments.

francesca cresta

A firm believer in sustainability and in the importance of intersectionality, Francesca is a writer and activist for organizations aiming at spreading awareness about the climate crisis and environmental injustice to increase cooperation and engagement at all levels. Living and studying abroad in countries from Iceland to Morocco, to Tanzania, gave her a new perspective on life, on the boundaries of development, and on human-climate interactions. Setting new priorities is crucial for sustainability, and communication is necessary. She holds an MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability, and a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

giulia ruffini
project manager

Giulia Ruffini graduated in Law with a major in International Law. She attended an International Summer School in Warsaw on Multiculturalism and Comparative Law. Activist for Human Rights and volunteer for many non-profit organizations. She works for the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) and she is attending the Euro-Med Intercultural Trends course handled by ALF and UNIMED. She is passionate about projects and communication for the social. She writes and manages projects on social inclusion, poverty alleviation, women’s rights, and contrast to socio-educational poverty. She strongly believes there is no sustainability without inclusion.

Amy Moses

Amy Moses is a Molecular and Cell Biology graduate student in Cape Town, South Africa. Living in a country with extreme inequality highlights the interconnectedness of climate change mitigation and social justice. South Africa’s natural beauty has also allowed her to become very aware of why protecting our planet and wild spaces is so important. She is interested in scientific communication to make intimidating scientific information accessible to the public.

lorena gridelli
brand & communication coordinator

Management student with a passion for climate change and sustainable development. During her university years, she explored these topics by taking exams such as Energy and Climate Change Economics, and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is currently writing her thesis about the role of competition law in environmental protection. Her hope for the future is to work in this field, being part of the climate action movement.


carolina trella

Carolina is a Ph.D. candidate in Social Psychology at the University of Kent, investigating the psycho-sociological barriers to collective action against climate change.

Roberta bertani
visual content creator

Roberta Bertani completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design University at ISIA Design in Florence. These years have allowed her to understand design in its total declination while providing me with the opportunity to develop and acquire creative, critical, and methodological skills to carry out design projects in all kinds of contexts.

karolina panto

Radio journalist covering science and environmental topics, particularly interested in EU climate policy.

cristian colubriale

After graduating in International Cooperation and Development at the University of Bologna, Cristian decided to specialize in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. He spent a semester in Paris, at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and thanks to this experience he acknowledged the importance of Smart Cities, Green Urbanism and Sustainable Mobility. He is also interested in Sustainable Agriculture and in the Food System, especially regarding Animal Rights and Wellbeing. He believes that the ongoing climate crisis involves every aspect of our life and that effective communication will help to spread a sense of urgency to take action and fight climate change.

gianpaolo mascaro

Gianpaolo Mascaro is a Law graduate, with a specialization in International Law and Human Rights. Throughout his studies and previous working experience, he has developed a broad interest in humanitarian matters, focusing especially on the branches of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law. He aims to shed light on the interlinkage between climate change and the other crises affecting the world.

Benedetta Ferrarini
contributing writer

Her main concerns and principal reasons to fight against climate change are justice and human rights. Benedetta Ferrarini is a jurist and activist who studied international criminal law and environmental law, noticing a strict connection between these fields. During her experiences in Den Haag and in Lisbon, she realized the importance of debate, research, education, and implementation of correct practices of scientific environmentalism.

guendalina bettinelli

Guendalina Bettinelli is an Environmental Policy Master Student at Sciences Po Paris with a former background in International Relations and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Bologna).

Hannes jakob dreyer
contributing writer: focus on circular economy

Born and raised in Hamburg, Hannes Dreyer started his studies in economics there in 2016. In 2019, he completed a semester abroad at the Sorbonne and received a Bachelor of Science degree shortly after. In 2021, he got accepted at Sorbonne University for a Master’s in Development Economics. Through a double enrollment, he will receive a Master’s in Economics and a Master’s in Development Studies.