[Episode 20] The war against Ukraine has blasted open the conversation on energy raising concerns on how and at which speed we need to implement renewable energy to vaccinate against climate change. We speak about it with Paul Ekins a sustainable economist and professor at UCL.

Awareness that renewable energy can help our planet, achieve energy independence, and reduce environmental impact has now increased due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. In addition, carbon emissions are crucial now requiring urgent measures to achieve net zero. This concept is not recent, yet suddenly all the attention has been drawn to this as well.

Are we ready for these measures? What do we need? How are the stakeholders involved cooperating to achieve the needed results to efficiently make a difference? In theory, we know already what we need, in practice this is more complex.

Which vaccine do we need against climate change?

Paul ekins

Paul Ekins

Paul Ekins is Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Resources, and Director of Research at the School of Sustainable Resources and Energy at University College London.

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