[Episode 23] While science confirms the effects of climate change, people still have different opinions about it. With researcher William Lamb, we discuss the forms of delays in climate action.

It is not about climate denial nor other forms of radicalism, climate delay looks at those forms – also of misinformation – and rather forms of climate action that justify the inadequate actions. Those actions that appear to be doing some good, rather are still not doing what is necessary to slow down the consequences of climate change.

You can read the entire publication on this topic written by William and his colleagues.

William lamb

William Lamb

William Lamb is a research associate in the working group Applied Sustainability Science. He is interested in a human well-being framework for assessing climate change mitigation, with a focus on several areas of work:

  • Country development pathways
  • Human needs and energy consumption
  • Carbon emissions budgets
  • Political economy of climate change mitigation

William completed his PhD at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester in 2016. He obtained a Master’s degree in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh in 2011.

Episode 23

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