[Episode 18] The organization A SUD is suing the Italian Government for failing to apply efficient climate action in a final judgment campaign.

“Giudizio Universale” (Last Judgement) is a campaign for a lawsuit against the Italian Government, started on June 5, 2021, on behalf of more than 200 plaintiffs, including citizens, minors, and associations by the organization A SUD holding the Italian Government responsible for not applying efficient climate actions.

“The climate emergency is here: it is already affecting our lives and will spare no one.

All Italian governments have postponed courageous decisions to prevent the disaster.
But now we cannot wait any longer: our future depends on it. This intolerable inaction prompts us to address the State and its responsibilities.

We are citizens, students, scientists, lawyers, activists, and volunteers.

We are all climate victims.
We are suing the Italian state.”

Giudizio Universale

Lucie Greyl

Lucie Greyl

An anthropologist by training, Lucie is a member of the Italian environmental Organisation A Sud since 2008 where she works as a project manager, research, and trainer. Lucie is also president of CDCA – the Documentation Centre on Environmental Conflicts. Environmental and climate activist, Lucie coordinates the Giudizio Universale Campaign, promoting the climate litigation against the Italian State for insufficiency of the State climate measures, presented in the civil court of Rome the last June 2021.

Support “Giudizio Universale” Campaign #facciamocausa

You can support this campaign.

Become part of the change.

Protesters in Rome. Photo by A SUD

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