[Episode 14] During this holiday spirit, Rethinking Climate interviewed Lucia Caccialupi currently volunteering for FIDU promoting the protection of human rights and recent CommEUnication project fighting euroscepticism.

🌎 The Italian Federation for Human Rights – Italian Helsinki Committee (under the acronym,
is an organization of the Third Sector, i.e. a non-profit civil society organization.
Active since 6 October 1987 as Italian Helsinki Committee, FIDU promotes the protection
of human rights, intends to work to spread the knowledge of human rights, monitor and
report their violations, create greater awareness in public opinion, and exert influence on
the States so that they comply with their own commitments on human rights.


The “CommEUnication – Youth Engagement for Communicating the EU” is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission. The project aims at countering Euroscepticism through the construction of a new strategy of communication able to promote a correct understanding of the EU, its values, and its benefits and at empowering citizens to widen their civic participation and to tackle disinformation.

🌎 CommEUnication Project: APPLY NOW DEADLINE JANUARY 10, 2022

Lucia caccialupi

Passionate about humanitarian work, Lucia has built her career in the study and protection of Human Rights, mostly with families in refugee protracted forced displacement contexts of Europe and the Middle East.

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