[Episode 10] Geopolitics and advocacy can strongly impact environmental action. With Vahram Ayvazyan we talked about his work for Amulsar, Armenia.

🌎 How can you improve your advocacy?

🌎 How can a gold mine pose an environmental and geopolitical threat?

Lydian is Armenia’s largest investor. They have been developing what is a controversial gold mine near Jermuck. In 2018 there was a peaceful blockage since it poses an environmental, economic, and social threat. Vahram Ayvazyan has been leading the global movement for #saveamulsar and in this interview, he told us about his advocacy work in Armenia.

supporting amulsar

More information about the mine: https://bankwatch.org/project/amulsar-gold-mine-armenia 🌎

Support this movement, share this interview, and use #saveamulsar!

You can also use the image posted on our social media, find the links here below.

Vahram Ayvazyan
Vahram Ayvazyan

Vahram is an entrepreneur, human rights activist and globetrotter focusing on social innovation at the global level, disruptive technologies, and climate change. He has twelve years of experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Previously, he participated in the Youth Peace Ambassadors project at the Council of Europe, where he focused on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in local communities affected by the conflict in the South Caucasus and the Balkans.

Founder of The Network State. It brings together all Armenians living and working in the different parts of the world, uniting their intellectual and material resources, and meanwhile it protects them.

🔗 Vahram’s interview on ‘La Nuova Ecologia’ [Italian]

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