Brief comments, quotes, and notes towards this conclusive stage of COP27.

On the 7th and 8th of November

  • The mitigation work program was yet to reach the desired outcome
  • Adaptation was still held back by procedural matters
  • Ambitious outcomes in finance had not yet materialized
  • On Loss and Damage parties shied away from making the difficult political decisions 
  • Secretary Guterres and President Shoukry discussed funding arrangements, and responding to loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change…extra efforts need to be exerted by all parties to ensure an agreement on this matter to provide the basis to effectively respond to the urgent and legitimate demand for an adequate funding set up for the loss and damage at the earliest.

While many of us may not have been alive during the great wars, the consequences of those wars still live with us and we have the capacity to choose differently
(Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados at the Opening of COP27 World Leaders Summit)

Decarbonizing the power system is front and center – Power is crucial to get us there!
(Peter Hill CEO of COP26)

We have a credibility problem!
(Al Gore)

COP27 Press Conference

Ambassador Wael Aboulmagd

Special Representative of the COP27 President

15th November was an active day

  • Resumption of technical work
  • Ministers Barber Crisis from South Africa and Danny Aronson from Denmark facilitated the mitigation work program
  • Ministers Ahmed El Shahana from Maldives and Teresa Rebera from Spain helped with the global goal of adaptation.
  • Ministers Shri Bhupender Yadav from India and Chris Bowen from Australia have been working on issues related to finance in particular the NCQG the new collective quantified goal
  • Ministers Grace Fu from Singapore and Espen Barath Eide from Norway on Article 6
  • Ministers Maisa Rojas from Chile and state secretary Jennifer Morgan from Germany continued what they have been doing in facilitating everything related to loss and damage but particularly the funding mechanisms.

Bloomberg Green said that

  • COP27 president sees deal for loss and damage this week
  • EU increases 2030 emissions-cutting target to 57% on 1990 levels
  • Turkey’s new climate plan increases CO2 footprint 32% by decade’s end

Minister Shoukry met each minister individually or jointly with their partner and discussed the vision of the presidency what their aspiration and anticipation is with regard to those items and stressed the vision of COP27 which is implementation and this is the moment to translate that into a reality.

Decisions have to be not just impactful and meaningful progress but it has to be with a mindset of implementation. It is up to the parties to support this vision.
(COP27 President)

Ambition without support is the fastest way to go. nowhere We can declare ambition but it will be difficult without support to meet the aspirations we are aiming for.
(Ambassador Wael Abul-Magd)

Accountability is necessary and it can be provided through transparency.
(Ambassador Wael Aboulmagd)

Youth Statement (Published on 10th of November)

  • The Global Center for Adaptation officially launched the 2022 “Capacity-/building Project for Youth on Leadership & Adaptation”
  • Humanitarian organizations and government spokespeople from Germany and Bangladesh underline the important role of finance to advance the right-based protection of climate migrants
  • US Special Envoy John Kerry announces investments for African adaptation in early warning ($28M), support to farmers ($24M), Egypt’s new Cairo Learning ($10M), and the African Adaptation Initiative ($25M)
  • YOUNGO-UNICEF talks focused on human rights, compounded child vulnerability, and future representation of youth in UNFCCC processes
  • The meeting highlighted areas for cooperation between youth and UNICEF. Strategies to cope with the “Adaptation Gap” and the need for political willingness to enforce children’s rights protections in the age of climate change.
Today is an important day as the new draft decision will come out… stay tuned and let me know what you think!

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