[Episodes 22.1 & 22.2] We discuss with industrial engineer Marcelo Cairolli the importance of data to help Brazilian administrations to manage the issues of recycling systems and to trace the root of the climate crisis.

Communicating measures of environmental support, such as measures of a circular economy or improved waste management must take into consideration cultural, geographical, and governmental factors. As Marcelo explains, our demands move the wheels of consumption, how can we stop it? According to Marcelo, by demanding less and improving waste management.

Marcelo cairolli

Marcelo Cairolli

Marcelo Cairolli is an industrial engineer and Vice President of Business Development in Latin America for Re-Teck Brasil. He has over 32 years of experience in logistics sectors and works passionately to improve the national and Latin American laws on this matter.

Episode 22 (Part 1)

Episode 22 (Part 2)

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