It was a meeting and a shared feeling that led to the creation of Rethinking Climate. What is it about the way we are communicating climate issues that makes it so difficult to implement the solutions available? 

Rethinking Climate is a project idea born recently in August 2020 during a global delicate moment, but the feeling that started it was not new.

We have observed an increased interest in climate change that has shed a light on this concern over 50 years old. As science supports the facts and occurences as biodiversity loss shows human’s negative impact, forunately these last years we have noticed an increased media and political attention. So why are we still so slow to apply the available solutions?

There is no right answer, however there is the certainty that the concern is here and it will only get worse if we ignore it.

Rethinking Climate tries to gather a deeper view to narrative behind this issue. Our first project tries to answer to these questions with dedicated interviews to experts to understand how we are communicating effectively in the many climate-related fields. But this is not our only product.

This is not another project about climate change, this is a project about communicating sustainability.

Considering the complexity of the topic, could we be improving the language and terminology used and our own understanding of the issue, to better express the solutions? This is about being honest in our understanding of how conflictual, complex, and contradictory (communicating) sustainabilty can be.

How well do we know what we know?

There are many, many questions and Rethinking Climate will slowly try to investigate them. And we hope you can follow us in this learning journey.

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